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Keto breakfast no eggs

13 octubre, 2021

Keto breakfast no eggs

  We will share this recipe about  Keto breakfast no eggs .

Keto breakfast no eggs Add the egg whites and salt to the thermomix glass with the butterflies on. Program 2.30 min / speed 3.5 Riding at snow point is that the whites are firm, a good trick to know that they are done is to turn the glass and they should stay supported without falling. Reserve in a bowl Add the cream cheese with enveloping movements until everything is uniform.

Keto breakfast no eggs
Keto breakfast no eggs

Heat the pan and lightly grease with a napkin or kitchen brush.

With a ladle, distribute the dough in the center, if necessary spread with the same spoon to the sides to make the round shape. When you see that the sides are cooked, turn it over very carefully. Lower the temperature if you see it necessary, the pancakes should be with a uniform toasted honey color. It is normal that the better you make pancakes. Repeat the operation until finished.

Keto breakfast ideas with eggs


In a bowl add the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Assemble with an electric whisk to make this task easier. Riding to the point of snow consists of the clearings being firm, a good trick to know that they are done is to turn the bowl and they should stay attached without falling.

 Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4.

TIP if you add the chocolate with the stevia, do it immediately after mixing them with the electric whisk or the thermomix. Beat until everything is integrated. Follow the rest of the instructions.


Keto breakfast bake

Traditional pancakes have flour, egg, some fat like butter, a pot of sugar and are topped with syrup and more butter. If you follow a protein diet, replacing the yolks with a white one is a very effective way to improve this macronutrient. I’ll tell you how they are done.

To get fluffiness in this «dough» you have to mount the whites to the point of snow and to give them consistency without using flour, we will put a creamy cheese. The process is delicate. When incorporating the cream cheese, it is better to do it with enveloping movements so as not to lower the whites to the point of snow , have the pan hot and lightly greased and, when turning the pancake, be very careful so that it does not break.

Keto breakfast cups

It is normal that they inflate with the heat and once cold they go down in height. I recommend you make a lot so that you have them on hand in the refrigerator. You can use them as bread tops for sandwiches after your strength or cardio workout.

Do you want to do them but this protein, keto and fitness roll does not suit you? Well, very well, put fruit, two tablespoons of oatmeal and enjoy them equally. Another idea is to prepare them with chocolate and cinnamon to make them sweet. Add stevia-type sweetener to your liking.

Keto breakfast

Mi última sugerencia: si vas a comprar las claras de huevo, lee las etiquetas, vigila que solamente tengan claras en los ingredientes, aditivos como sorbato potásico harán que se monten peor.Recomiendo está practica porque las claras son pausterizadas, evitamos el riesgo de contaminación por microorganismos


The ketogenic diet is a very effective tool to control not only weight. Many patients with various metabolic problems improve with this diet prescribed by doctors, nutritionists or dietitians.

The ket diet o consists of not consuming more than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day to be able to use the fats in our body as fuel, in this way the liver manufactures ketone bodies to stabilize our metabolism. Do not confuse with diabetic metabolic ketoacidosis, which can be fatal.

Keto breakfast on the go

Good planning is important to get the maximum concentration of nutrients, and as I say here , based on real food. There are more and more studies that support this type of diet that provides surprising improvements.

I do not recommend following this diet alone, it is preferable to have a good professional by your side to advise you on this plan. For me, one of the best places with a comprehensive approach is the Fitnatura center, located in Madrid.

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