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Keto breakfast on the go

4 October, 2021

Keto breakfast on the go

The keto diet everyone is talking about has caused quite a stir thanks to its surprising effectiveness in losing weight fast. Recently, several celebrities like Kim Kardashian have ensured that this eating plan is what allows them to show off their slim figures, even after they have become mothers.

Keto breakfast on the go

Keto breakfast on the go
Keto breakfast on the go

That’s why on this occasion, we bring a keto menu of 10 breakfasts to reduce measures and eliminate that belly without much effort. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits that this regimen has both for your figure and for your health.

Keto diet written on a blackboard with food

Keto diet written on a blackboard with food

What is the keto diet?


This diet, also called ketogenic as reports Vitónica , focuses on resorting to ketosis to keep our body active and energetic. This miraculous eating plan consists of reducing the calorie intake from carbohydrates, making up 10% of caloric intake and raising calories from healthy fats to 60-70%, as well as 20- 30% those of proteins.

Ketosis as a Weight Loss Mechanism.

This diet is aimed at the production of ketone bodies, which are nothing more than metabolic compounds. These molecules originate in response to the lack of energy reserves in the body, leading to the state of ketosis .

As our muscles turn to glucose in the blood for energy, it is important to keep in mind that the main source of this is carbohydrates. That is why in this diet its consumption is reduced, in search of taking energy from the fats that are reserved in the body, instead of glucose.

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Woman thinking about how the diet works to lose weight

Woman thinking about how the diet works to lose weight

How does the ketogenic diet work?

The ketogenic diet aims to transform fatty acids through the ketogenic metabolic process to obtain those energy stores quickly. At that time, the ketone bodies that have been released will be used by the body as a source of energy, just as if they were glucose, increasing fat burning.

And the best of all is that to achieve this you do not need to long for delicious meals, since there are many recipes that you will love and will allow you to enjoy the process and the benefits that this short-term eating plan offers.

What are the benefits of the keto diet?


In addition to allowing us to lose weight quickly, this diet offers other benefits for our health. As shares with us Clarín , the additional benefits that the keto diet offers us are:

Healing effects on the brain.


  Improves fertility problems and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

  Beautifies and improves the health of the skin.

   Regulates cholesterol and triglycerides.

Now that we know all that this fantastic diet can contribute, we will share the most delicious keto breakfasts below. Enjoying the most important meal of the day in a different and healthy way while burning those extra pounds is something you don’t want to miss. So let’s get started!

This spinach and cheese omelette is delicious.

This omelette is so nutritious and light that it can be consumed both for breakfast and dinner. In addition, it is very easy to prepare and with a few ingredients you will have a great fat burning breakfast on the table.


    100g cheese

    3 eggs

    50 g de espinaca fresca

    Sal y pimienta al gusto

This video by Paola Ideas Keto shows you step by step how to make this simple recipe in less than 5 minutes. It is one of the most practical, complete and essential, that’s why it stays in the first place.

These keto Mexican tortillas cannot be missing from our table.

 Among the easy Mexican meals that we all love, you cannot miss the tortillas. On this occasion, we present these keto fajitas that will be the stars of a light and nutritious breakfast.


    1/4 de taza de coconot flour

    8 egg whites

    1/4 teaspoon baking powder

    1/2 cup of water

    Salt and pepper to taste

Try this keto version of Huevos Rancheros.

Speaking of easy Mexican meals, this keto version of Huevos Rancheros makes our mouths water. If what you are looking for is an energetic explosion to start the morning, this recipe will become one of your favorites.


    3 eggs

    40 g of spinach

    25 g of Parmesan cheese, or the one of your preference

    25g pepperjack cheese, or your choice

    20 g green sauce

    Salt and pepper to taste

How to prepare these eggs in a very simple and fast way. It is one of our favorite recipes and your body will thank you. So there are no excuses not to make this breakfast at home.

Keto breakfast on the go
Keto breakfast on the go

This toast without eggs will surprise you.


If you’re looking to change your routine a bit with an egg-free recipe, this carb-free bread toast will blow your mind. The bread in this recipe, made with almond flour, coconut and flaxseed makes us forget about the conventional bread rolls and toasts that we miss so much when we are on a diet.


    15 g of butter or coconut oil

    7 g ground flaxseed

    45 g of water

    18 g of almond flour

    4 g coconut flour

    2 g baking powder

    Salt to taste

This fantastic cup bread that we can accompany with ham, bacon or our favorite cheese. It is simply spectacular and one of the most versatile recipes of this top, since it can accompany any type of meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Here there is everything and for everyone. That’s why we couldn’t stop including this amazing keto pancake recipe. They can be combined with some fruits, cream cheese or butter, being an excellent option if you are looking for something quick and easy to prepare.


    4 eggs

    2 tablespoons cream cheese

    10 g flaxseed or chia seeds

    2 cups coconut flour

    1 cup of almond flour

    Vanilla to taste

    Cinnamon to taste, if you prefer


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