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Keto crackers

11 December, 2021

Keto crackers

Keto crackers  , I need to find a bombastic name for this recipe because it doesn’t sound as good as it tastes… but I must be dry with my imagination because I’ve been thinking about it all morning and I haven’t been able to get anything out of it.

Keto crackers
Keto crackers

Keto crackers

What are they? Some sweet snacks made with yoghurt, very simple to make and that, mixed with milk, will delight the sweet tooth at breakfast time. Because some of us are happy with the omelette, but others need an intermediate step to achieve the final change when it comes to having breakfast. It is not the most nutritious option but … whoever is free from sin, cast the first stone.

Do we do them together?

Sweet Yogurt Breakfast Crackers (Keto)

Barriga Sana Recipe Plato : Breakfast Kitchen room: Gluten free, keto Difficulty: Easy

We had breakfast?


  • General basis
  • 125 gr of Greek yogurt (mine is goat)
  • 125 gr of almond flour
  • 1 and a half tablespoons erythritiol
  • A bit of milk
  • To decorate
  • Dark chocolate to melt, chopped almonds, nuts …


  • In a bowl, mix the almond flour well with a tablespoon of erythritol.
  • We pour the Greek yogurt and integrate well with the help of a spatula and making enveloping movements. A somewhat sticky dough will remain. We keep in the fridge for 10 minutes.
  • We dump the dough on a parchment paper and spread without leaving areas that are too thin or they will burn when baking (half a cm thick)
  • In three glasses of milk we add a little erythritol, mix well and with the help of a silicone brush we paint the dough.

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  • In an oven preheated to 180 degrees we bake our crackers for ten minutes. We take out of the oven and with the help of a pizza cutter we shape our crackers. We put them back in the oven for about 15 more minutes or until they present a golden appearance. We take out and let cool.

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  • We melt dark chocolate in a bowl and with the help of a brush we sprinkle our crackers and sprinkle with chopped almonds, dried fruits or whatever we like the most. We take ten minutes to the freezer to take consistency and store in a dry container.

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