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Keto diet beginners

3 March, 2021

We will offer the Keto diet beginners , This new, healthier Dukan diet or Atkins diet, the keto or ketogenic diet has once again become the focus of nutrition experts and can lose weight faster. Since celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Mick Jagger praised the benefits of this nutritional system or plan to lose weight and increase energy.

Keto diet beginners

Keto diet beginners
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it is just a debate. Several nutrition experts discussed the pros and cons of this controversial diet. The keto diet or ketogenic diet can restore its golden age. Especially because Kim Kardashian regarded her benefits as a typical regimen, which enabled her to lose more than 25 kg with the help of professional doctors.

Keto diet

Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) took the food. Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) took the food. GTres is online. A few years ago, people debated certain versions of it and how they harm your health, such as the Dukane diet or the Atkins diet. However, the keto diet differs from its predecessor for many reasons.

Keto diet beginners
Keto diet beginners

Keto Diet free

The focus of the keto diet or ketogenic diet is to eat more foods rich in good fats and proteins (oily fish, avocado, coconut, and olive oil) and limit carbohydrates (grains, sugar, and even many vegetables and fruits) The purpose of intake is to produce a blood ketosis process similar to fasting. What is ketosis? You will ask yourself.

Keto diet for beginners

The body’s fat storage is converted into ketones, and ketones can provide nutrients for muscles and brain compared with carbohydrates.

result? Compared with other traditional diets, fat burns quickly and weight loss. In this sense, the keto diet has its admirers and critics. Nutrition expert Susie Burrell is her admirer because she said it is not only ideal for weight loss, but also ideal for reducing snacks for patients with chronic diseases, reducing brain inflammation and relieving pain.

How to make the Keto Diet

“During ketosis, the production and use of glucose is reduced, and the result is that protein (which is broken down in muscles) is broken down as energy”, which also makes celebrity nutritionists like Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba) Convinced: diet.

Lose weight with keto diet

She added that the defensive effect of the keto diet on the low-fat diet allowed her body to burn fat without sacrificing any muscle. It is for this reason that many people have joined the ketogenic diet to lose weight without losing muscle mass and speeding up metabolism.