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Keto diet plan

17 February, 2021

Keto diet plan  There are many diets which allow us to lose weight quickly, however if you are looking for the free keto diet, here we are going to tell you about what this diet is talking about, which has become so common among celebrities and which also provides very excellent results.

Keto diet plan

Keto diet menu The keto diet is among the most functional because apart from being a diet it helps us change our metabolism and choose certain types of edibles that help us burn fat and lose weight in a simple way.

 Free Keto Diet

 If you are looking for the free keto diet, we mention that at the end of this article we share an image with a free keto diet plan which you can take as a reference to carry out the keto diet. Here we are going to tell you more information about the Keto diet, one of the best to lose weight and change our body.

Keto diet menu

There is a huge number of diets, but this is based on research studies and also provides very excellent results, but some experts or nutritionists also comment that some precautions have to be taken, such as, among other things, you cannot go on a diet for a long time, because it can cause serious damage to the stomach or to the performance of the body, because the keto diet replaces a huge amount of edibles, mainly those that have starches and sugar inside.

Keto diet foods

How the keto or ketogenic diet works Ketogenic diets have a scientific basis, the same thing that it does is produce that the body enters the state of ketosis. This causes it to begin to burn the fat reserves that we have. Ketone bodies are made up of metabolic, which develop when the body does not have reserved energy. And that’s when the keto dieter begins to lose weight. How is the keto diet Remove carbohydrates, which are the fuel of the body, the body begins to use the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Whats is Keto Diet

Keto diet plan
Keto diet plan

If you want to understand what a keto diet menu is like, here we are going to tell you what is talked about and how you can make it and what edibles you can eat. The reality that it is a really simple diet to carry out, but the moment you decide to leave it you have to do it slowly. Keto Diet Menu In the keto diet you have the possibility of consuming all kinds of meats, in fact red meats, but it is suggested that they have to be lean, without fat content.

But it is convenient that the meats that are consumed are white, which are more nutritious and have less fat inside. In addition, milk derivatives are allowed, mainly those that are skimmed, seeds of all kinds, sunflower, pumpkin, which are very rich in minerals and Omega oils. It is also suggested to eat fish, especially the blue ones that have good proportions of healthy fat inside.

Ketogenic diet 30 days

It is completely contraindicated to consume fruits of all kinds, especially those that contain large amounts of sugar such as bananas, in fact the apple that is considered a healthy fruit is prohibited. You can consume unsweetened cocoa, and also avocado, a fruit very abundant in vitamins, minerals and oils that are good for the heart.