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Keto pancakes protein powder

5 January, 2022

Keto pancakes protein powder

For the mixture

 1 cup almond flour

 4 🥚 eggs

 100 grams of cream cheddar

 ½ cup of milk 🥛

 ½ teaspoon of baking powder

 A spot of salt 🧂

 2 tablespoons softened margarine (+30 g all the more around 🧈 for cooking)

For fillers

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Crepe of ham, mozzarella, cheddar, tomato and avocado

 3 fetas of cooked ham

 30 grams mozzarella

 ½ tomato 🍅

 ½ avocado 🥑

 A modest bunch of arugula

Keto pancakes protein powder
Keto pancakes protein powder

Salmon crepe, cream cheddar, avocado and verdeo onion

 100 grams of smoked salmon

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 ½ avocado 🥑

 2 tablespoons cream cheddar

 A modest bunch of slashed green onion

Mozzarella crepe, mushrooms and blue cheddar

 100 grams of 🍄 mushrooms

 1 medium 🧅 onion

 30 grams mozzarella

 20 grams of blue cheddar

 1 teaspoon oregano

 1 teaspoon 🌶 ground bean stew pepper

 Salt 🧂


Planning of the mixture

1 – Significant: Before beginning, the fixings ought to be at room temperature to forestall the arrangement of knots.

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2  – Liquefy the margarine in a microwave or in a skillet on the fire ♨️

3  – With electric blender beat in the margarine with the eggs and cream cheddar. Then, at that point, add the milk and keep beating. Then, at that point, add the solids (flour, baking powder and salt). When the combination is homogeneous, hold in the cooler for 20 minutes.

Keto pancakes protein powder

4  – To cook the crepes, take a skillet, heat it over moderate hotness and, once hot, add a piece of margarine and hang tight for it to liquefy. Add around one can of blend to the skillet until the whole surface of the base is covered with the batter (roughly 1 mm thick the mixture ought to be). Cook until a brilliant earthy colored hue is seen on the edges and turn the crepe with the assistance of a spatula. Cook the opposite side of the crepe for around 1 moment. Rehash the methodology until the batter is done. 🥞

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Filling of crepes

5  – When the crepes are prepared, load up with what you like the most and appreciate! 🍽

6  – Discretionary: For mushroom crepes, mozzarella and blue cheddar, cut the onion and mushrooms into flimsy cuts. Sauté the onion in a skillet with a little vegetable oil

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