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Keto pancakes with cream cheese

6 January, 2022

Keto pancakes with cream cheese

Peanut butter, protein and chocolate chip keto pancakes

Quick egg pancakes and ketogenic protein powder

Keto pancakes with cream cheese
Keto pancakes with cream cheese

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Total time: 15 minutes

Keto pancakes with cream cheese

Diners: 2



 1/4 cup heavy cream

 2 eggs

 1 1/2 tablespoons unsweetened vanilla-flavored almond milk

 1 tablespoon peanut butter

 1 1/2 tablespoon chocolate-flavored whey protein powder

 1/2 tablespoon egg white protein powder

 1 tablespoon coconut oil, or as needed

 1 teaspoon chocolate chips (such as Lily’s ™)

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Step by step

Combine the heavy cream, eggs, almond milk, peanut butter, chocolate-flavored protein powder, and egg white protein powder in a bowl with an electric hand mixer.

Heat a lightly oiled griddle over medium-low heat. Drop the dough in large tablespoons on the griddle and add a few chocolate chips to each pancake. Cook until bubbles form and the edges are dry, for 3 to 4 minutes. Turn and cook until browned on the other side, for 3 to 4 minutes. Repeat with the remaining dough.

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Nutritional Information

Calories: 392.4 calories

Carbohydrates: 7.9 g

Cholesterol: 226.8 mg

Fat: 29.1 g

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Saturated Fat: 15.5 g

Trans Fats: 0

Unsaturated Fat: 0

Dietary Fiber: 1 g

Protein: 27.8 g

Sodium: 173 mg

Sugars: 2.2 g

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