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Keto peanut butter cookies

12 December, 2021

keto peanut butter cookies

Keto Chocolate Crispy Florentine Cookies Recipes

The truth is that I have been looking for some crunchy cookies like these for a long time, and voilà here is the result. These keto Florentine cookies are delicate and crunchy at the same time, they are very thin and have a delicious buttery flavor.

keto peanut butter cookies
keto peanut butter cookies

They are made very quickly and are excellent for desserts or breakfasts.

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Do not stop trying them, I promise you they will surprise you.


    55 gr butter

    45 gr erythritol

    40 gr almond flour

    1 pinch of salt

    10 gr whipping cream

    1 teaspoon 0% cocoa powder

    1 tsp vanilla extract


    In a bowl in a bain-marie melt the butter, add the erythritol and stir for a few minutes until it dissolves. Continue and add the almond flour, salt and cream. Stir well until all the ingredients are integrated.

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    Remove from heat and add the vanilla and cocoa, stir everything again until we have a homogeneous mixture.

    Let it rest for 10 minutes while the oven heats up and the dough will take on a more solid texture

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    In a baking dish, on baking paper, put small teaspoons of our mixture separated from each other … you probably need two trays or you have to do it twice.

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    Bake for 8-10 minutes at 160 °. Watch, when the edges are golden (like the ones in the photo) they will be ready. When you take them out, leave them on the tray a bit because they will be liquid, and it will seem that they are not done yet…. but as they cool down, magic is done.

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