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Keto récipe ideas

14 agosto, 2021

Keto récipe ideas

Keto récipe ideas , For those with a sweet tooth looking for a nutritious, light and very satisfying sweet dish, today we bring a very easy alternative to make: cheesecakes without sugar or flour of any kind that you can enjoy as a snack or as a healthy dessert.

Keto cheesecakes

Keto cheesecakes
Keto cheesecakes

Ingredients For 7 people

Keto récipe ideas

Ingredients for this Keto récipe ideas

 • Fresh whipped skimmed cheese 150 g

• Natural yogurt without added sugar 125 g

• Eggs 2

 • Egg whites 1

• Powdered sweetener (suitable for cooking) 5 g

• Vanilla essence 3 ml • Orange zest • Fresh blueberries

• Strawberry or strawberry How to Make Sugar Free Cheesecakes Difficulty: Easy

• Total time 30 m • Elaboration 10 m • Cooking 20 m

How to prepare this Keto récipe ideas

• Rest 30 m To make these tasty sugar-free cheese cakes, we just have to have a bowl or deep container where we will mix the whipped fresh cheese, the natural yogurt without added sugar and without flavor, along with the eggs and egg white, as well as the flavorings. .

Keto récipe

 I used only a small teaspoon of vanilla essence, 5 grams or small sachets of powdered sweetener suitable for cooking and the zest of half an orange.

Mix very well until all the ingredients are united and form a thick but not consistent preparation. In individual non-stick molds or brushed with neutral oil, place the preparation and place in a moderate oven (180 ° C approximately) for 20 minutes.

Keto diet

After this time we turn off the fire and let it cool in the oven. We unmold with care using a spatula and serve with various fresh fruits, I used blueberries and strawberries but it can be any other.

Strawberry and fresh cheese mousse: healthy dessert recipe I love seasonal strawberries and strawberries so much that I consider them to be true natural treats. By themselves they already seem like a delicious sweet, but I also like to take advantage of them to use them in a healthy dessert.

Strawberry mousse and fresh cheese.

Keto cheesecakes
Keto cheesecakes

Keto récipe ideas

Like this recipe for strawberry mousse and fresh cheese. Social media can be a good source of inspiration .

I have only changed the gelatin sheets for agar-agar, a vegetable gelling agent that seems easier to use and more stable.

Also, I have not added any sugar or sweetener, as the strawberries were already very sweet and juicy.

 Ingredients For 6 people for this keto recipe idea

• Strawberry or strawberry weighed without tail 500 g

 • Fresh whipped skimmed cheese 500 g

• Vanilla essence 5 ml • Agar agar (equivalent to 9 gelatin sheets) 2 g How to make fresh cheese and strawberry mousse Difficulty: Easy

 • Total time 20 m • Elaboration 20 m

• Rest 2 h Wash the strawberries very well, gently, and dry them carefully. Remove the tail and chop them, weighing them now to obtain half a kilo. Blend with a food processor, mincer or food processor, until you have a puree without fruit lumps. Add the skimmed beaten cheese, drained, and crush a little more to mix.

Keto récipe with

You can also use natural Greek yogurt -or normal natural yogurt, but make it creamy. Combine the agar-agar and heat in a saucepan over low heat, until just bringing to a boil. Stir well and distribute into molds, glasses or a large large mold.

 Wait for it to cool down a bit and take it to the fridge, where it will have to rest for at least two hours. Note: it is important to read the agar-agar instructions carefully, since each brand can give different indications.

Keto recipe with cheease

 It can be replaced by 9 sheets of gelatin sheets or neutral gelatin powder. We want a creamy texture, not gelatinous, so it is not recommended to use more than 2 g.