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Lose weight and gain muscle

23 octubre, 2021

Lose weight and gain muscle

Lose weight and gain muscle, Here are 7 easy and practical tips to lose weight and fat sustainably. The list is not exhaustive. We wanted to highlight some effective tips that are not always well known.

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Tip # 1: Increase Your Basal Metabolism To Burn More Fat While Resting!

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Lose weight and gain muscle
Lose weight and gain muscle

By increasing your basal metabolism, you burn more fat even at rest

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Metabolism is a transformative process in which we burn calories. The higher it is, the more fat you burn. To lose a little weight, you have to increase it! But how ?

It is necessary to distinguish the basic metabolism (minimal expenditure of the organism to ensure the vital functions) of the metabolism in activity (increase of the energy needs related to the physical activity).

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Increasing your activity metabolism is what seems most obvious (the most tiring too!) To lose fat. But did you know that it is also possible to increase your basal metabolism and thus lose fat 24 hours a day, so also at rest and even while sleeping! Little work is required to achieve this.

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Once your basal metabolic rate has increased, all you have to do is maintain it and wait to see results. Great, but how can you increase your basal metabolism? Read This: How To Increase Your Metabolism And Burn More Fat .

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