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Lose weight challenge

23 octubre, 2021

Lose weight  challenge

Lose weight  challenge, In 2007, Australian researchers highlighted the interest of high intensity interval training for fat loss (a technique applied today under the name of HIIT (High Intensity Intermittent Training). The same year, a Japanese team showed that Introducing breaks between endurance exercises promotes fat consumption.To learn more and practice this technique, read our article Losing fat effectively by the fractional .

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Sport on an empty stomach to lose weight: yes, but with caution!

Lose weight  challenge
Lose weight  challenge

On an empty stomach, our body, in the absence of immediately available carbohydrates in the blood, is much quicker to break down fats! If this technique is interesting, it is not without risks and requires certain precautions to be implemented.

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This is the reason why we did not offer it as a full-fledged tip. If you want to know more, read our article to understand the principle, the benefits and the risks of sport on an empty stomach .

Tip # 3: practice weight training to lose fat almost without doing anything!

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Strength training is one of the most effective ways to lose fat on a lasting basis

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