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Lose weight fast exercise

23 October, 2021

Lose weight fast  exercise

Lose weight fast  exercise, Sugar, by stimulating the secretion of insulin, promotes storage in the form of fat. Too much sugar can in the long run lead to overweight, obesity and insulin resistance. One thing is certain, sugar and sugary products should be avoided as part of a diet to lose weight.

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Here are some tips for reducing your daily sugar intake:

    Do not add sugar to your hot drinks

    Replace sugar with honey in your yogurts and pastries

Lose weight fast  exercise
Lose weight fast  exercise

    Make your own cakes and cookies

    Use natural sugar substitutes: honey, stevia, coconut sugar, etc.

    Drink only water: sugary and light drinks maintain the body’s dependence on sweet tastes

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Sedentary lifestyle

Diet should be accompanied by daily physical activity, whenever possible. Physical activity, even gentle, helps increase the body’s energy expenditure in addition to maintaining it in full health. The fact of moving after a meal, for a walk for example, increases the metabolism and involves a significant energy expenditure within the framework of a diet.

To increase your energy expenditure gently you can:

    Take the stairs instead of the elevator

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    Take a 30-minute walk a day

    Get off the bus one stop before your usual stop,     Do some exercise while watching your TV show,     Go on a bike trip on weekends , Other foods not recommended:

    Fritures et panures,     Cheese,     Cold cuts ,  Daily practical advice to follow the diet properly

Learn to read nutrition labeling

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Fats are indicated there by the term lipids. What is interesting is to look at the words “including saturated fatty acids”: if you have the choice between several products, choose the one which contains the least saturated fatty acids. The sugars are indicated there by the term carbohydrates. What is interesting is to look at the words “including sugars”: if you have the choice between several products, opt instead for the one containing the least sugars.

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To drink a lot of water

Water not only fills the stomach but also hydrates the body and supports it in its cleansing process. Water thus promotes various chemical and metabolic reactions. Water alone should be the main source of hydration, it is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. You should increase your water intake during heat and exercise.

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