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Lose weight fast keto

22 October, 2021

Lose weight fast keto

Lose weight fast keto, The most important rule of this diet is to eat only when you are hungry and to stop when you feel full.

Attention, for health, it is considered that the weight loss should not exceed 1kg per week.

Lose weight fast keto
Lose weight fast keto

What should a diet meal contain? Our recommendations

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The Diet for Weight Loss is a set of recommendations for the best food choices to make to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It helps to continue the process of losing weight gradually.

Here are our dietary recommendations for lasting weight loss.

Foods to lose weight

Certain food categories, in addition to filling you up, can actually help your body lose weight. Foods for weight loss are very useful as part of a diet meal to lose weight without deprivation.

Low energy density foods

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The best way to lose weight, and maintain a healthy weight, is to increase your consumption of satiating foods chosen according to their energy density. Energy density takes into account the amount of calories contained in a food relative to the volume of the food. For example, you will need to eat several apples to have consumed 100 kcal. On the other hand, a small handful of crisps will suffice to achieve the same energy intake of 100 kcal.

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As part of this diet, it is therefore recommended to consume mostly foods with low energy density: fruits and vegetables, whole grain products and legumes. Rich in fiber, water and micro nutrients, they satiate by providing very few calories.

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Here is a classification of foods to favor and foods to limit according to their energy density

Foods to be preferred

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