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Lose weight fast naturally

22 October, 2021

Lose weight fast naturally

Lose weight fast naturally, As part of a weight loss diet, certain foods should be avoided. Often sources of calories, bad fats and sugars, it is recommended to limit their consumption to facilitate weight loss and be in good health.

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Without insisting on the calorie content, it should be remembered that it is the lipids that provide the most calories in the diet (more than carbohydrates and proteins). On top of that, fat is less filling than carbohydrates and protein. Even if fats are essential for the proper functioning of the body, they should be limited to 30% of total calories.

Lose weight fast naturally
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It is recommended that you limit the following foods due to their high saturated fat content:

    Fritures,     Panures,     Donuts,     Sweet and savory industrial cookies and cakes,     Pastries

    Pastries,     Cheese,     Milk and whole milk products,     Fast food,     Prepared industrial meals , Industrial products

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Many industrial products are made from ingredients that are harmful to health. For example, it often happens that these products are high in sugar. Sugar serves in effect as a preservative and flavor enhancer. In addition, the fats used in these products are often of poor quality because they are inexpensive (trans and saturated fatty acids). Finally, we often find that these products are saltier than homemade products. As part of a diet, it therefore seems important to limit the consumption of industrial products.

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Some tips to limit junk food:

    Make homemade cookies and cakes

    Cook in larger quantities and store leftovers in the freezer for a rushed meal

    Prepare your own lunch

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    Read food labels well

    Cooking simple dishes based on raw foods (fruits and vegetables, lean meats, etc.)

    Replace ready-made snacks with fruit and dairy

Refined products

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Refined products are cereal products obtained from refined cereals (white flour, white bread, classic pasta, etc.). Refined products contain very little or no fiber. This lack of dietary fiber can hamper weight loss. On the one hand because they are less satiating products and on the other hand because they increase blood sugar more quickly after a meal. As we have seen previously, fiber is very important as part of a balanced diet meal.

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