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Lose weight fast without exercise

22 October, 2021

Lose weight fast without exercise

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   Lose weight fast without exercise, Favor fat-burning foods (citrus fruits, apple, green tea, papaya, cinnamon, oat bran, foods rich in protein including 0% dairy products and white meats). If this is too much of a hassle for you, turn to dietary supplements. Some natural products are very effective and will help you lose fat more easily. We offer you a list of some food supplements at the end of the article.

Lose weight fast without exercise
Lose weight fast without exercise

how lose weight in a day

    Eat slowly: this allows you to eat less (the feeling of satiety is slow to come) and also better appreciate what you eat!

    Get regular physical activity, even if it’s just a little gardening or housework. This will increase your basal metabolism.

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    Adapt your lifestyle: avoid elevators, run errands (in addition to running!). WHO recommends taking at least the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day: get an tracker activity to find out how much you walk per day, motivate you to move, and track your progress.

lose weight calorie deficit

Did you know ?

colorful chewing gum ballsChewing gum helps burn calories! (*)

According to American researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, chewing gum increases basal energy expenditure by about 20% (source: The New England Journal of Medicine, December 30, 1999, vol.341, # 27, 2100 ) . Three hours of daily chewing (or about 40 kcal spent) would thus make it possible to lose nearly a kilo of body fat per year!

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* Warning: repeated chewing can have harmful effects on the jaw joints (wear of the menisci).

Tip # 7: to eat less, understand and treat why you are eating too much

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session with a psychologist

Being overweight is often linked to a psychological problem. The situation to be resolved is not so much the fact of overeating but why we eat too much.

lose weight on stomach

lose weight stomach

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