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Lose weight fast

22 October, 2021

Lose weight fast

Take part in a physical activity to lose weight easily

Lose weight fast, Practicing regular physical activity can really help get out of the spiral of drastic diets and allow you to lose weight naturally. Indeed, to lose weight easily, it’s all about the balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Rather than having an obsessive relationship with food (intake), working to increase energy expenditure is a really winning strategy.

Lose weight fast
Lose weight fast

To lose weight without a diet, sport is excellent because it allows you to:

    Redraw the silhouette

    Optimizing the benefits of a correct diet

    Develop muscle mass

    Decrease the fat mass rate

fat loss

    Increase energy expenditure

    Protect the cardiovascular system

    Have better control over food intake

    Have a better management of stress and emotions

    Increase energy level and vitality

    Promote quality sleep

    Prevent overweight and diseases of civilization

fasting for weight loss

10 golden rules for losing weight without dieting

To lose weight easily, it is not enough to control expenditure and energy intake. Equally important, the attitude adopted towards food can make a real difference.

Here are 10 golden rules for losing weight without dieting and adopting a better attitude:

    Eat slowly and calmly

    Listening actively to food sensations and stop eating to satiety

    Take the time to chew each bite properly

keto weight loss

    Eat 3 full meals a day

    Treat yourself to a pleasure meal per week, without guilt

    Think in terms of nutritional quality rather than in terms of calories

    Take care of yourself by stopping restrictive diets

    Show leniency and allow yourself time to achieve your goals

weight loss plan

    Engage in regular physical activity with the primary goal of feeling good

    Learn to distinguish real hunger from other parasitic sensations: desire to eat, boredom, stress, etc.

Balanced menu day to lose weight naturally

To help you lose weight naturally by learning to eat properly, here is a balanced menu day. This menu day contains all the macro and micro nutrients necessary for the organism to function properly. If necessary, feel free to adapt this example to your specific needs.

Breakfast, Collation, Having dinner, Unsweetened green tea, Almond milk, almonds and honey porridge, Fresh fruit, Complete meal salad with quinoa, feta and seasonal vegetables

Chicken fillet, mushroom sauce

foods to eat to lose weight

Fruit compote without sugar, Vegetable sticks, Peanut butter, Asian soup with Nori seaweed and black mushrooms, Boiled egg and wholemeal bread, Cottage cheese with honey and red berries

 Almond milk, almonds and honey porridge recipe for easy and healthy weight loss

This porridge rich in proteins, fibers, essential fatty acids and micro-nutrients is ideal to start the day on the right foot. Very satiating, it allows better control of food intake during the day while providing strength and energy!

For 1 person

    150 ml almond milk

    50 ml of water

    3 tbsp. oatmeal

    2 drops of vanilla extract

    1 C. teaspoon of honey

    15 g of crushed almonds

    Optional: 10 g of raisins


    In a saucepan, heat the milk and water with the vanilla extract.

    Once the liquid is simmering, add the oatmeal and honey. Immediately lower the heat and continue to cook the oatmeal slimming porridge for 4 to 5 minutes. At this step, you can add some raisins if you want.

    Finally, let your porridge cool and serve it in a bowl sprinkled with a few crushed almonds.

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