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Lose weight program

23 October, 2021

Lose weight program

Lose weight program, Playing sports seems to be obvious to lose weight. However, it is not so obvious. Read our feature Does sport really make you lose weight? to understand why.

Lose weight program
Lose weight program

Also note that most sports gain muscle and muscle is heavy! But building muscle will help you lose fat and this is what you need. We cover this point in tip # 3.

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At high intensity, cardio training burns a lot of calories but little fat

Cardio training, but not just any old way!

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To lose fat, it is often recommended to do cardio training , an activity that works the heart and can cause you to burn a lot of calories. Cardio training is indeed one of the most effective calorie-burning activities, of course. But the goal is not just to burn calories, but fat! However, at high intensity, it is mainly sugars (muscle glycogen) and not fats that you will consume and that you will re-store during the next meals … To see effects on your bodies, you would have to practice long hours of cardio or do it regularly (and some readers here are already thinking about skipping to the next tip). But there is an easy way to deal with this. This is what we explain just after.

No more fat burned at low intensity!

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If high intensity sport draws mainly from carbohydrate reserves, at low intensity, this time it is mainly fat that is burned. Unfortunately, few calories are spent in total so little fat in the end. To effectively burn fat, your cardio training effort must be done at the right intensity: neither too low nor too intense.

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An hour of walking at a brisk pace can be more effective in shedding excess fat than an hour of jogging! There is an area, specific to each, where the percentage of fat burned is optimum . To find out where this zone is and how to put this tip into practice, read our article How to effectively burn unwanted fat .


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