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Lose weight program cycling

22 October, 2021

Lose weight   program cycling

Lose weight   program cycling, The fact of reducing the quantities too drastically and not meeting our daily caloric needs presents a real risk of nutritional deficiencies . Our body needs to be supplied with nutrients ( protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals ). This is why it is important to eat your 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Tip: don’t hesitate to eat your vegetables frozen if you don’t have time to prepare them, contrary to some popular belief they are very good! Frozen vegetables should not be confused with frozen ready meals.

Lose weight   program cycling
Lose weight   program cycling

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If you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, you can fill this gap with dietary supplements in the form of cures.

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Small reminder: 80% of diets result in failure and regaining the lost weight. Why ? Because they are ephemeral and do not correspond to a change in eating habits. A restrictive diet will never be held for a lifetime, and as soon as you resume a “normal” diet you will put on the pounds with it.

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Do you allow deviations

Because you have to know how to indulge yourself from time to time and because it is essential for your well-being, allow yourself to eat a good meal from time to time. In bodybuilding, there is a well-known concept called “cheat meal” which consists of allowing yourself 1 fatty meal per week. This is a way of not totally dis accustoming your body to receiving fatty foods, and also to avoid exploding one day or another.

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From experience, I can tell you that if you radically cut all fats and sugars from your diet, one day your body will demand it from you and you risk gorging yourself. You have to succeed in finding the right balance so as not to fall into an obsession with food and generate frustration.

The risks of a quick diet

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Even if we are always impatient to see the results, the sustainable diet is therefore the most effective. If you’re still in the mood to try out a magical diet to lose weight fast, here are a few things you might (hopefully) have the envy of you:

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Guaranteed yoyo effect: A too private diet conditions your metabolism for the next “attack”. As he is no longer used to receiving fat, at the first deviation or return to normal, he will store more fat than before to face possible future periods of diet. Result: you gain weight. Finding that you have gained weight again, you go on a diet, and so on. You never get out of it.

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    With a drastic diet, you will not provide your body with its daily vitamin and mineral requirements, which will result in increased fatigue and a decrease in your immune system (you will fall ill more often, etc.).

    Deficiencies weaken your nails and your hair.

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    Perte de masse musculaire : Même si le but recherché est de brûler de la graisse rapidement, bien souvent votre corps va bruler en premier lieu de la masse musculaire. Résultat : vous perdez vos formes (=fesses plates). Pour éviter cela il faut adopter une diète équilibrée, riche en protéines, et faire du sport pour travailler la masse musculaire.

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    You are more prone to stress and psychological disorders .

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