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Losing weight program free

22 October, 2021

Losing  weight   program free

Losing  weight   program free, In addition to the fact that this diet is to be avoided in people with diabetes or suffering from heart or kidney problems , that it gives rise to constipation, bad breath, fatigue, the main drawback is the rapid weight gain. , which occurs as soon as it is no longer possible to maintain the framework of the regime. What happens, sooner or later. Prohibited foods are becoming more and more desirable; as soon as we eat it, we have every chance of falling into a compulsion irreparably.

Losing  weight   program free
Losing  weight   program free

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The “soup” diet, a draconian diet to lose weight in a week!

What could be better than a vegetable soup to benefit our health and lose weight quickly! The soup diet ? Nothing’s easier ! Basically, it consists of eating only vegetables for a week in the form of soup to lose weight in a week (in pieces): cabbage, leeks, tomatoes, turnips, celery, onions, etc. For the next 7 days, soups can be supplemented with carrots, potatoes, pumpkins and turnips.

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Why does the soup diet make us lose weight in a week?

This diet is low-calorie (800 to 1200 calories per day only) and hypoglycemic, since , are excluded all carbohydrates , whether starchy or sugar . Spices and fruits are allowed, but… in limited quantities. In addition, the chunky vegetables in the soup (unmixed and unmoulded), have a stomach filling effect . Finally, this “liquid diet” also has a significant diuretic power: but there, we lose water, which we will resume almost instantly as soon as the diet is stopped .

The Cons of Soup Diet Fast Weight Loss

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Deficient in protein, loss it causes muscle wasting beyond fat . Some therefore advise supplementing the soup diet with lean protein. Of course, the lost weight is regained as soon as the diet is stopped .

How to lose weight in a week with the fiber diet?

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We cannot say it enough: eating fiber is good for our body . But did you know that it can also make you lose weight fast? The fiber diet is considered very “serious” by our American neighbors because it has been the subject of scientific studies. It is designed to provide between 35 and 50 g of fiber each day, which is more than the amount recommended by nutritionists (30 to 35 g per day), and much more than what we eat each day (in general, 15 to 20 g). We therefore greatly increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber : vegetables, fruits, whole grains, wholemeal bread, pulses. The rest of the diet should represent a low calorie intake (reduction of sugars and fats).

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Why Does the Fiber Diet Help Us Lose Weight Fast?

The fibers are low in calories and increase the volume of the “food bolus”, once chewed and swallowed. Conclusion? After consuming a large amount, you are sated!

What are the disadvantages of this extreme diet to lose weight quickly?

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Having a full stomach doesn’t mean you don’t want excluded foods! The longer the diet lasts, the more you want them. This type of almost “mono-food” diet leads to many frustrations due to the restrictions of certain foods : sugar, fats, etc. Weariness sets in and generates negative emotions around food. Food compulsions and abandonment happen quickly. Also note the gas and bloating, a significant point to take into account in this type of diet.

The Atkins diet, a way to lose weight in a week!

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Very popular in the 70s, the Atkins diet (from its creator, the American doctor Robert Coleman Atkins) consists in excluding all carbohydrates from our diet (bread, starches, cakes, yogurts, candies, but also fruits and certain vegetables) and consume only proteins and fats (meat, fish, eggs, cold meats, but also milk and cheese, as well as lipids such as oil, cream or butter ) and green vegetables.

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Fatty and protein-rich foods can be consumed without limit, but carbohydrate intake is strictly limited to 20 g per day. Subsequently, we can relax the diet and add dried fruits, legumes.

Why does the Atkins diet work?

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According to Robert Coleman Atkins, carbohydrates are responsible for the secretion of insulin and therefore for the storage of fat. By eliminating carbohydrates, fats can therefore be consumed at will , because they are not assimilated. In reality, weight loss is due to the fact that we quickly tire of this diet rich in lipids , and that we quickly reduce calorie intake .

The disadvantages of this method to lose weight very quickly

This diet is difficult to follow in the long term because of its lack of dietary diversity. It often leads to weight gain as soon as you resume a more natural diet . On the other hand, it is not recommended in cases of kidney failure and diabetes. Finally, exaggerated lipid intake is accused of promoting cardiovascular pathologies.

The Thonon diet or how to lose 10 pounds very quickly!

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