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Losing weight walking 10000 steps a day

22 October, 2021

Losing  weight   walking 10000 steps a day

Losing  weight   walking 10000 steps a day, Many of you may have been on a weight loss diet before summer vacation. And, most certainly, you did it at the last moment and only had a few weeks to get back in shape and shed those extra pounds . You may have noticed that you had to cut your calories drastically to dry out and lose a few inches off your waistline, and that the few pounds you lost came back faster than it took. time to lose them.

Losing  weight   walking 10000 steps a day
Losing weight walking 10000 steps a day

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This is the great paradox of “special holiday diets” : we lose weight before the holidays, and we regain it from the first days of vacation: aperitifs, meals with family or friends, etc. Why does the weight go back up so quickly? Is the “yo-yo” diet inevitable? Is it possible to lose weight and keep it off? The answer is simple: it all depends on how long it takes you to lose weight.

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How do you burn fat

How does the body burn fat? No, it’s not just about creating a calorie deficit to lose weight , although the subtraction is apparently simple and so logical: you burn more calories than you consume, and the body burns stored fat. in order to manufacture energy. This is indeed what is happening, but not immediately. Indeed , reducing carbohydrates and increasing protein intake at the start of the diet increases diuresis (renal elimination of water), which can cause weight to drop surprisingly during the first few days.

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Then the weight stabilizes and goes down in stages, more and more slowly. This is when the body burns fat and it is important not to crack ! As you will have understood, a rapid weight drop only engages water movements which are visible on the scale, but not fat loss. It is for this reason that people who go light-hearted on vacation after losing 5kg in 2 weeks regain more weight than they lost. In order not to regain weight after a slimming diet, this diet must have been followed over several months , so that the stored fat has been properly oxidized.

Above all, don’t get into an express diet . The majority of people, both men and women, tend to go on a “salad diet” overnight and are happy to see the weight drop off the scale very quickly.

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This weight is only water, which will only ask to come back once you have reintroduced the carbohydrates into your diet: yes, this weight will go back up in less than 48 hours. Sorry for the bad news. On the other hand, if you take the time to gradually reduce calorie intake, your weight loss will be sustainable and even definitive if you manage to maintain a good nutritional balance.

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What to get out of your diet immediately

Aperitif cakes, sweets, sodas, fried foods and cold meats.

What you need to reduce gradually: Carbohydrates (starchy foods)

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Reduce your carbohydrate rations by 10% per week. Start for example on a basis of 250g of carbohydrates per day, then reduce, each week, by 10%: 225g, then 200g, etc., until your intake is equivalent to 50g. Once you get to 50g of carbohydrate per day, keep that serving for about a week. Then increase your carbohydrate intake by 200g every 7 days. This “rebound” method will allow you to maintain an active metabolism and continue to burn fat.

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What you need to increase: protein and essential fatty acids

Protein helps maintain metabolism, burn fat better and hunger less. Consume at least 1.5g of protein per kg of body weight (i.e. at least 90g per day for a 60kg woman, and 115g for a 75kg man), and do not hesitate to increase protein intake (up to 2.5 g per kg of body weight) as carbohydrates are reduced.

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As for fatty acids , they not only allow better fat burning, but they are especially essential to maintain good cognitive functions, limit joint inflammation and protect the body. Choose sources of vegetable fat such as rapeseed oil, organic olive oil and walnut oil to season your dishes. For cooking, choose a good source of coconut virgin and organic oil preferably.

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Do not go more than 4 hours without eating . After this time, you may end up at the table feeling horribly hungry, and this is the best way to crack and overeat. To avoid cravings and stabilize your insulin levels, eat every 3-4 hours.

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    Breakfast: 8 a.m.,     Lunch: 12h00,     Collation : 16h00,     Dinner: 8:00 p.m.

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