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Losing weight walking 3 miles a day

22 October, 2021

Losing  weight   walking 3 miles a day

Losing  weight   walking 3 miles a day, It is with this type of hook that we motivate you to start a weight loss diet. Almost all of these “miracle” regimes have in common that they are private regimes. If we follow them to the letter, they indeed allow rapid weight loss. But these diets have at least two major drawbacks:

Losing  weight   walking 3 miles a day
Losing weight walking 3 miles a day

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  1. They are dangerous for your health (cf. ANSES report ): they have a negative impact at the metabolic, hormonal and psychological level (eating disorders often appear after a first diet). In short, in terms of the benefit / risk ratio, weight loss diets are largely risk-averse.

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2. The risk of regaining weight is very important, to the point that at least 90% of you regain the pounds you had lost.

Why do you systematically gain weight after dieting?

This is mainly for physiological reasons. Michel Desmurget , research director in cognitive neuroscience at the CNRS de Lyon explains it very well:

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“Our body is genetically programmed to fight against nutritional deficiencies and preserve its fat reserves. (…). After a few weeks of dieting, when it detects a lack (vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, etc.) and / or sudden weight loss, the body reacts with ruthless determination. For him diet and famine, it is the same thing. It then puts everything in place, at the hormonal, cerebral and peripheral level, to reduce energy expenditure, exacerbate hunger and offer an almost pathological salience to the slightest food stimulus. No will can resist this surge (…). These defense mechanisms last as long as the pounds initially erased have not been taken back ”.

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Can you lose weight without regaining the pounds lost?

Still according to Michel Desmurget , the answer is yes:

“Success is possible. It lies in the imperfect character of the weight control system. Indeed, due to the relative coarseness of its sensors, the organism is completely blind to weak variations in the energy balance and to slow taxation of lipid reserves.

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Therefore, if you remain hidden in the zone of physiological uncertainty (which represents roughly 20% of the daily energy balance more or less), you will lose weight permanently without triggering the avenging anger of the organic defenses, nor increasing the sensations. of hunger. (…). The problem, however, is that shrunken deficits induce rather slow weight loss.

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By deleting, for example, 300 calories from your daily count, you will show an average weight loss of 10 kg the first year, 15 kg the second, 17 kg the third and 18 kg in the end, after 5 years ”.

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To summarize, there would therefore be 2 ways to lose weight:

    The way fast , the desired effect (weight loss) is measurable in a few days. But these results are only temporary and this practice is harmful to your health.

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