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Losing weight walking app

23 October, 2021

Losing  weight   walking  app, Obviously, in addition to this diet it is necessary to practice a sporting activity. This is essential. I do about 5 hours of sport per week. 1 hour a day and I let my body rest for 2 days. On the sport side, I signed up for a room. I hate machines because I find them boring so I take group cardio lessons: Step, fitness, aerobics… I do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of abs.

Losing  weight   walking  app
Losing weight walking app

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At the end of the course, I’m soaked, I feel tired but it feels really good; and for the body, and for the head. If you don’t have a gym near you, or don’t want to spend on a gym, you can move from home. On Youtube there are plenty of videos that I use on the days when I can’t go to the gym. Just type “Gym Cardio” in the search bar. I still recommend group lessons in a room because, if you pay a subscription, you will certainly be more motivated to make your money profitable!

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weigh_personne_mecanique_design_humour_fun_mission_impossible_pas_cher_1000During my first few months, I allowed myself one gap per week. I fell in love with a sweet treat or a savory dish. The most important and stick to once a week. So I lost a lot of weight very quickly and then I stagnated. However, I continued to exercise and eat well, but it’s the body that is like that. It is important not to be discouraged, it is only a phase.

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WILL and MOTIVATION must always be present. I then gradually reintegrated starchy foods into my diet. I only eat them on weekends but they are a part of my entire diet. Over the months, I learned to cook lightly but above all to vary the dishes so as not to be disgusted. Fortunately, this blog entered my life! Thanks to Gourmandises De Karelle , I force myself to prepare new things almost every day.

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Today I always pay attention to what I eat but I do not deprive myself of anything. I continue my 5 hours of sport per week and I drink my bottle of water per day. You know why? So as not to take back all that I have lost!

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Well, to illustrate everything I just told you about, here is a before and after of Madame Les Gourmandises De Karelle . Yes Yes it is shocking!

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