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Losing weight walking calculator

22 October, 2021

Losing  weight   walking calculator

Losing  weight   walking calculator, The way slow , whose desired effect (weight loss) is only measurable in the long term.

But why do you persist in choosing the way quick , when you know full well that it is doomed to fail? An explanation: the principle of “temporal contiguity” …

Losing  weight   walking calculator
Losing  weight   walking calculator

The principle of “temporal contiguity”, or the weakness of the human being

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In educational sciences, there is a principle of learning which states that your behaviors are selected by their consequences. To summarize, human beings learn from the consequences of their behaviors: behaviors followed by consequences deemed unpleasant will tend to die out, unlike behaviors followed by consequences deemed favorable which will tend to persist.

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This relationship between our behaviors and their consequences also depends on the duration between the behavior and its consequence: the sooner the consequence occurs after the behavior, the more important its effects on behavior will be. This is called the principle of temporal contiguity .

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And it is moreover one of the biggest problems of the human being: “We regularly experience our extreme difficulty in resisting behaviors whose outcomes are manifestly unfavorable to us, in comparison with other behaviors. , with a higher profit, but unfortunately too far away ”(Descamps and Darcheville, 2009, p. 22) 1 .

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Our behaviors are therefore more easily influenced by a lesser consequence available immediately (rapid weight loss), than by a more important consequence available later (lasting weight loss that is harmless to your health).

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Things get complicated when you take into account certain mechanisms at play in obesity: we all have a balance weight globally determined by the amount of fat the body is able to regulate. If you eat more than you want, the surplus is stored in fat cells which hypertrophy. This phenomenon is reversible to a certain extent.

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Indeed, if we continue to eat more than enough, this storage is no longer sufficient, and the body begins to manufacture new fat cells. This phenomenon is irreversible: the balance weight is modified and it will become much more difficult to return to the previous weight because of this increase in the quantity of fat cells …

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