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Losing weight walking on treadmill

22 October, 2021

Losing  weight   walking on treadmill

Losing  weight   walking on treadmill, Yes, losing weight in a week is possible! But not without taking it back immediately. Certainly, there are some very enticing methods that promise to make you lose up to 4 to 5 pounds in 7 days… It works for some a week, or maybe, a few months.

Losing  weight   walking on treadmill
Losing  weight   walking on treadmill

Who has not tried at least once in their life THE best diet supposedly “fastest in the world” to lose weight in a week? The methods abound on the web and are the fat of women’s magazines. They are described as very effective, but we don’t tell you at what cost!

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Wanting to lose weight too quickly, you can leave a few feathers there. Because even if the results are there, weight loss and restrictive diets are not “harmless” . Linecoaching has investigated for you …

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of methods to lose weight in one week Overview The Natman diet, 4 days to lose 4 pounds The limits of draconian diets to lose weight in one week Our 8 tips to help you lose weight sustainably and quickly Lose weight sustainably without yoyo effect, it is possible with Linecoaching

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Overview of methods to lose weight in a week

The Dukan diet, the diet to lose weight in a week!

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The Dukan diet is a high protein diet . In its phase of attack to lose weight quickly , intended to last between 3 to 10 days, one should only consume foods rich in protein and the lowest in fat possible without limit of quantity (meat, eggs, poultry, fruit). seafood, fish, 0% dairy products), all added with a spoon and a half of oats per day.

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Subsequently, in the so-called cruising phase, we can add green vegetables low in carbohydrates (a list of 32 vegetables is provided), also without limit of quantity; carbohydrate or glucido-lipidic foods (cereals, starches, fruits, sweets, pastries) are excluded.

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For seasoning and cooking, after the attack phase, olive and rapeseed oil can be used in the smallest possible quantities, of the order of one teaspoon per day.

Why does the Dukan diet work to lose weight in a week?

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A high protein diet leads to loss of appetite for foods in this group. In the cruising phase, we quickly get bored of boiled vegetables too. Other foods are prohibited, and as long as this prohibition is maintained, appetite remains low .

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As you lose weight quickly, the body’s fats are mobilized and transformed into ketones, which have a euphoric and appetite suppressant effect.

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The disadvantages of the Dukan diet to lose weight in a week!

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