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Losing weight walking plan

22 October, 2021

Losing  weight walking plan

Losing  weight walking plan, Imagined by a doctor from the University Hospital of Thonon-les-Bains, it is one of the most popular diets of the moment. Its success, it owes it above all to its promise to make us lose weight up to “10 kilos” in only 14 days!

Why does this diet make us lose 10 pounds quickly?

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Losing  weight walking plan
Losing  weight walking plan

Because it is hypocaloric, high protein, it prohibits sugars and salts. Everything is here. A real “Karcher” for our kilos!

The disadvantages of an extreme method to lose 10 pounds in a few days

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The Thonon diet most often results in muscle loss and severe fatigue . Headaches and discomfort can appear as well as kidney disturbances, all due to the abuse of proteins. But it is above all the yoyo effect, with a dazzling weight gain that is to be feared , as in any diet: most often, we will have lost muscle, but we will have regained … fat.

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The Natman diet, 4 days to lose 4 pounds

Low calorie, protein and food exclusion diet at the same time, it is a diet express by its speed but drastic by its rigor. The Natman diet or “flight attendant regimes” lasts a maximum of 4 days and you have to wait at least a month before renewing it. Is the Natman diet effective? The Natman diet is attractive because it allows you to lose weight quickly.

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Carbohydrates and lipids being completely excluded, therefore remain the proteins of meat, vegetables and fruits. It is also a salt-free diet. The disadvantages of the Natman diet The follies of 4 days are only small follies, which one will end up paying by an ultra-fast weight gain.

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The lost water comes back immediately, and in 4 days, we won’t have lost that much muscle. Not even fat, for that matter. We will just be tired and we will want a good fatty steak and fries, with a delicious sweet dessert. Okay, but you have to be reasonable, eh, and not make it a habit.

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The limits of drastic diets to lose weight in a week

At the risk of disappointing you or making you jump, these “quick” diets will not make you lose weight permanently . Certainly, in a few days, you will have a refined silhouette , but … not for long. It is the famous “yoyo” effect which we have been “basking” our ears for since the dawn of time and which unfortunately does exist.

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