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Milk birthday cake

21 November, 2021

Milk birthday cake

Milk birthday cake  , For this celebration it seemed a bit boring to make a top ten of the most viewed recipes in the last year, because in addition many of them are repeated such as chicken strogonoff , oatmeal bread, empanadas, macarons … like this I thought I would make a birthday cake, which I have loved so much for the past birthday blog.

Milk birthday cake

Milk birthday cake
Milk birthday cake

And what better than a homemade Venezuelan-style vanilla cake , the same one that our moms made us for birthdays, school parties or simply for snack.

Milk bar birthday cake

Come let me tell you all about this cake …

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How to make Venezuelan vanilla cake

This classic vanilla cake is very easy and inexpensive , it is basically made with 5 ingredients: butter (there it is more common to use margarine), sugar, eggs, flour and milk, to flavor the green lemon zest wins over vanilla (it is more inexpensive and available) and there are those who add their touch of rum.

Milk birthday cake
Milk birthday cake

As for the flour, we mostly use leavening which we call “flour to make cakes”.

The proportions of the ingredients vary a little depending on who prepares it and although there are standard measures we are always putting a little more of this, or removing some of that, and the truth is that it always looks good.

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How to make the vanilla cake step by step, part 1, collage of 6 photos

Preparation of the vanilla cake step by step about Milk birthday cake

This recipe that I have prepared would be more or less the one corresponding to a half kilo cake ; of course I have also made my adjustments by eye percent; the result is a soft and fluffy crumb and the flavor that I remember from home cakes (I checked when I tried the mixture raw ☝).

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I was wondering if making it this size would be too much for us, but anyway I jumped in and in fact it is a lot of cake, but this is how Venezuelan birthdays are in which the cake must yield, because there are a lot of family, neighbors, friends (and some colaos’ 🤭), because here I have saved a piece for all of us so that we can sing the happy ” birthday”.

Preparation of the mixture for the vanilla cake, collage of 6 photos

Preparation of the vanilla cake step by step

Instead of the famous half-kilo mold, I made it in two molds that my mother-in-law gave me that I had never used (I don’t usually make layer cakes) that I don’t like very much because the sides are not straight, but the base is smaller then The layers do not fit well, but nothing that the meringue does not patch and it does not show that a little bit of the sides of the mold stuck to me 😉

Cake filling and decoration: dulce de leche and meringue, collage of 4 photos

Vanilla cake: decorated and filled

tip of the cook:

Milk birthday cake
Milk birthday cake

Store cake in covered container for up to 3-4 days at room temperature (depends on filling and frosting). It can also be stored in the fridge but it is convenient to let it come to room temperature before consuming it to restore its softness a bit.

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Cake with jelly

And what about a jelly-free birthday cake? Well, nothing, I made myself a small box with strawberry flavor, I missed the quesillo , but I think that’s fine for today. Meanwhile, let’s listen to this beautiful song, Venezuelan Birthday “.

Let’s go with the recipe!

Recipe to prepare Venezuelan birthday cake

Recipe: Easy and Fluffy Vanilla Cake

Simple vanilla cake, the traditional mix that our moms used to make for birthdays and parties, it can be filled or not and the traditional decoration is with meringue “nevado”, although you can also use arequipe (sweet milk), chocolate or leave it naked

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