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Romantic hot chocolate recipe my café

30 October, 2021

Romantic hot chocolate recipe my café

Romantic hot chocolate recipe my café, Chocolate in the cup with pure cocoa, (no added sugar)

¿Tand do you like chocolate in the cup? This recipe is to prepare your own mixture but adding pure chocolate and instead of sugar, stevia sweetener that resists cooking. It is creamy and has a slightly bitter taste, like pure chocolate. In another article of Digital Journalist we made, homemade protein shake,today homemade cup chocolate with pure cocoa.

Romantic hot chocolate recipe my café

History of chocolate ‘a la taza’

Did you know that chocolate was always taken liquid until the nineteenth century? The cocoa tree where the chocolate comes from is native to South America. It is not known exactly who discovered it but if the Olmec culture (1500 BC.C), already consumed chocolate as a drink. It seems that it was in Mexico from where its consumption spread.

Romantic hot chocolate recipe my café
Romantic hot chocolate recipe my café

Mayans and Aztecs also consumed chocolate, for them it had so much value that they used cocoa beans as currency. Chocolate was not only taken for pleasure, but also for ceremonial and medicinal purposes, as a pain reliever.

The ‘tchocolati’ drink of the Aztecs was quite bitter, it was considered a gift from the gods. Even Montezuma,the warlord of Tenochtitlan, from 1502 to 1520 succumbed to the charms of chocolate, (it seems that up to 17 cups a day or more..). There is currently a Mexican chocolate company named after him. Neither Olmecs, Mayans or Aztecs, drank the chocolate drink as we do now. On the contrary, they took it with sometimes spicy spices, water and dried flowers.

chocolate my cafe recipe

In the sixteenth century, thanks to HernánCortés, chocolate arrived in Spain. It did not arouse too much interest because it was so bitter, even Hernán Cortés talks about cocoa but as a currency rather thanfood. It seems that it was thanks to some nuns from Oaxaca, (Mexico),that in the seventeenth century, they added cane sugar and vanilla aroma to chocolate and managed to turn that bitter drink into a delicacy..

hot chocolate recipe

Monasteries and convents spread chocolate to the cup, it was a common drink to entertain guests and help them warm up. In the seventeenth century it was already manufactured but it was still in powder.

It would not be until the nineteenth century, (1828) when the first ‘solid’ chocolate pill was created. It was by chance. The Dutchman Coenraad Johannes van Houten, created a hydraulic press, to work the cocoa paste. It sought to eliminate the bitter taste and make it more soluble in water. But by using the press he achieved ‘solid cocoa with sugar’.

Chocolate in the cup with pure cocoa


Whole milk – 500 ml

Pure cocoa without added sugar Value –65 g (about two heming tablespoons and half a teaspoon more)

Flour –2 tablespoons

Vegetable sweetener stevia – 4 hemmy tablespoons


Add stevia to a coffee grinder to leave it fine as if it were sugar glass.

In a bowl mix the pure cocoa with the stevia and flour for about 40 or 50 seconds until the mixture is well integrated.

In a simmer on low heat add the milk.

When it starts to boil, add the dry ingredients. Stir with a few rods, and let it come to a boil again. Then keep stirring until it thickens to your liking, (keep in mind then once it rests it will thicken even more, so when you see it slightly thick it is already a good sign to put out the fire).

Let stand a little, and strain the chocolate with the help of a strainer, for a finer result, avoiding any lumps left.

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