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Sugar free donuts

7 October, 2021

Sugar free donuts

What is ketosis?

The ketogenic diet gets its name from ” ketosis .” This is the state our body reaches when we eat mainly fat and no carbohydrates. Or, when we do not eat anything (during the fast ).

Sugar free donuts
Sugar free donuts

By not having glucose in the blood , our body releases fat particles from our stored body fat. Consequently, these particles begin to combine with other particles in our body and due to chemical reactions, substances called are created ketones .

Sugar free donuts

The really interesting thing is that our cells use these ketones as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates (discounted in glucose). These would use n ormally to run all cellular functions, from digestion to the pulse of our heart and movement of our muscles.

As a result, we end up burning stored fat , which would not be readily available if we were consuming carbohydrates.

Why go on a ketogenic diet?

The reason to follow a ketogenic diet and eat a lot of fat is to put our body in the state of ketosis, where we will burn fat instead of sugar  (glucose) .

Most people go to this diet to lose weight and especially burn abdominal fat .

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