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Tiramisu cookies

6 December, 2021

Tiramisu cookies

Tiramisu Recipe with Cookies

Tiramisu cookies, Here we show you the complete recipe to prepare a delicious tiramisu with cookies . It is a dessert similar to the traditional one but to which the cookies give a special touch to its texture and flavor. Dare to try it.

Tiramisu recipe authentic

Tiramisu with Cookies Ingredients:

Tiramisu cookies
Tiramisu cookies

– 300 grams of mascarpone

– 300 grams of cream cheese

– 125 grams of icing sugar

– 500 ml whipping cream

– 200 ml of freshly brewed coffee

– Un paquete de galletas de tipo maría

– Cacao en polvo

– Una copita de licor

Tiramisu with Cookies

Preparation of Tiramisu with Cookies:

To prepare this delicious tiramisu with cookies we are going to use some cookies of the maria type, but in reality almost any type of cookies can be used, so use the ones you like the most or the ones you have at home when preparing the recipe. The most important thing is that they are cookies that can be soaked well and do not break. First of all, we will prepare the coffee, in the way that we usually prepare it, although it is better if it is quite intense in flavor, and let it cool, since to use it to wet the cookies it must be rather cold.

Tiramisu recipe traditional

And after this we will continue to mount the cream in a container, with the help of manual or automatic rods, until the cream is well mounted. Try to keep it cold so that it can be mounted more easily, since if it is at room temperature it will cost you more time and effort. When it is assembled well we are going to mix the cream cheese, the mascarpone and the sugar, with a few rods as well, until they form a homogeneous cream, to which we will add the whipped cream in a smooth way, and we will mix everything as best we can trying not to let the cream fall apart.

Tiramisu recipe italian

We are going to start filling the container chosen for the tiramisu, which is better if it adapts to the shape of the cookies. It is better if it is rectangular, and that we use cookies with the same shape, so it will be easier to assemble the base of the tiramisu . Once we have the base made with the cookies, we are going to moisten them well with the coffee, so that they are very wet but without breaking, so that the base of the cake has a certain consistency. On that base of cookies we pour a layer of the cream that we had prepared, covering the entire container well with it.

Tiramisu recipe vegetarian

We repeat the process placing a layer of cookies and another of cream, always ending in a layer of cream. The successive layers of cookies if we want them to be well soaked, so that they are soft when eating the tiramisu .

Tiramisu recipe giada

We will finish by sprinkling the cocoa powder on the final layer, and then we leave the tiramisu with cookies in the fridge for at least 12 hours, so it will be perfectly curdled and very cold when it is time to serve it to eat. And nothing else, we hope you like the recipe that we have detailed.

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