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Tiramisu cups

29 November, 2021

Tiramisu cups

Tiramisu cups , The pastry chef will teach you how to make a delicious tiramisu in a glass … and we will tell you that it is a delight!

Tiramisu cups
Tiramisu cups

Tiramisu in a glass

Pam will show you the step by step to make a delicious tiramisu in a super rich glass !!! The author says that she really enjoys making this traditional tiramisu and that she hopes you enjoy it as much as she does.

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The presentation in a transparent glass is ideal for this dessert since they look very tempting when you see the different layers of ingredients that make it up.

See how she does it in the following video and if you like, share it with your friends …

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Tiramisu cups
Tiramisu cups


Ingredients to cook Tiramisu cups

(For 10 servings)

    500 grams Mascarpone cheese (or also: Philadelphia)

    200 ml. liquid cream or whipping cream

    3 L egg yolks (80 grs.)

    100 grs. White sugar

    200 grs. bizcotelas (insoles, ladyfingers, insoles, savoiardi, vanillas)

    180ml coffee, 180ml Amaretto (or also: rum or Brandy)

    Cocoa powder, dark chocolate for grating

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Preparation for the Tiramisu cups

For the preparation of the tiramisu glasses and that everything comes out perfectly, we recommend you watch the full video. You can pause it, fast forward or rewind it according to your needs 😉

Tiramisu cups
Tiramisu cups

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Tiramisu cups
Tiramisu cups

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