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Tiramisu for two opi gel

6 December, 2021

Tiramisu for two opi gel

Tiramisu recipe step by step

Step by step to make the tiramisu recipe

Tiramisu for two opi gel, Next steps to make the tiramisu recipe

Tiramisu Recipe Summary

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Tiramisu Recipe

Traditional Italian recipe to make tiramisu


    2 egg whites

    4 yolks

    100 gr. of sugar

    400 gr. mascarpone cheese

    200 gr. of sponge cakes

    175 ml. coffee

    200 gr. dark chocolate

    cocoa powder for dusting or grated chocolate

Tiramisu recipe healthy


    We will prepare a coffee pot with the coffee that we like the most.

    In a bowl we will whip the egg whites to the point of snow with the electric mixer.

    In another bowl we will beat the yolks with the sugar, until we get a foamy mixture with the two ingredients.

Tiramisu for two opi gel
Tiramisu for two opi gel

    Add the mascarpone cheese little by little and continue beating.

    We will add the whites mounted to the point of snow and we will mix all the ingredients well.

Tiramisu recipe italian chef

    In a rectangular mold we will assemble the layers with the soletilla sponge cake and soak them well with the coffee we have prepared and add a little brandy.

    We will cover the layer of sponge cakes with the mascarpone cream that we made in step 3. Sprinkle with grated dark chocolate or cocoa.

Tiramisu recipe food network

    We will reassemble another layer of soletilla sponge cakes, we will bathe with coffee and brandy, we will again pour the mascarpone cream cheese over the entire surface of the mold that we have and finish the layer by sprinkling with the cocoa powder all over the surface of the tiramisu.

    We can repeat the action of step 6, if our mold is very tall. Let it rest in the fridge for at least three hours. I recommend leaving the tiramisu in the refrigerator overnight since the cream acquires more consistency and is much more stable and curdled.

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