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Tiramisu kahlua

7 December, 2021

Tiramisu kahlua

Tiramisu kahlua, We propose below an ideal recipe to take a much lighter tiramisu than usual, a light tiramisu that is perfect for low-calorie diets. We teach you how to prepare it step by step in this recipe, you will see how delicious it is.

Tiramisu Light Recipe

Tiramisu kahlua
Tiramisu kahlua

Now we show you a recipe to make a light tiramisu , perfect to eat it whether you are on a diet or if you want to control the amount of calories you consume.

Tiramisu Light Ingredients:

– 500 grams of light cream cheese

– 60 grams of powdered sweetener

– 250 ml of cream to assemble light

– A packet of sponge cakes

– 5 large eggs

– Cocoa powder

– A glass of freshly brewed coffee

– A glass of brandy


Tiramisu Light


Preparation of Tiramisu Light:

For all those who are dieting or for those who like to eat lighter, consuming few calories, we bring you this recipe, which is ideal to indulge yourself with a light tiramisu , a version of this dessert with much less calories than the traditional recipe, but with a very rich flavor. It is a recipe that is worth trying, so we will detail it below in case you dare to prepare it.

Tiramisu recipe authentic

We start to prepare this light tiramisu by separating the whites from the egg yolks, for which we are going to use two different containers, to work them separately. In the container where we have added the yolks, we are going to add the powdered sweetener, and beat well with some rods so that they mix well. Next we are going to add the light cream cheese and beat it until all the ingredients form a homogeneous mixture without cheese lumps.

Tiramisu recipe without ladyfingers

On the other hand we have to whip the cream with some rods, with patience and at a speed not too fast with some rods. When it is ready, we add it to the previous container, and stir so that it mixes as well as possible. And now we have to mount the egg whites to the stiffness, with a pinch of salt to facilitate mounting. It must be done with energetic movements, until a consistent texture is achieved. Once they have been assembled well, they are incorporated into the other container and carefully we integrate it together with the mixture that we had already made.

Tiramisu recipe traditional

With the cream ready, we are going to prepare coffee, since we need it to be freshly brewed coffee with all its flavor, but to be cold to use it. It is a good idea to do it at the beginning of the preparation, so it will cool down while we prepare the rest of the steps. Prepare a rather intense coffee, so that it gives a good flavor at the end. Meanwhile we are going to prepare the base of the tiramisu by placing a first layer of sponge cakes at the base of the container where we are going to prepare it, and with the coffee already cold, we moisten them slightly.

Tiramisu recipe italian

On top of that first layer, which would be the base of the tiramisu , we pour half of the cream that we had made before, and we spread it fully forming a second layer. Next we will repeat the layer of biscuits, although this time we are going to soak them well, to make it a more tender layer. And on that layer we will pour the excess of the previous cream. To top it off, we put cocoa powder on top of the last layer of cream, so that it gives the usual touch to this light tiramisu .

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