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Tiramisu martini

6 December, 2021

Tiramisu martini

Tiramisu martini, The name of the tiramisu comes from the Italian, tirami sú, which means “strip of me” supposedly means “lift me up.” It seems that the idea was that by eating this delicious dessert you rise to seventh heaven. Well, not that bad either, but I encourage you to do it at home and check it out personally.

Tiramisu martini
Tiramisu martini

Tiramisu recipe italian

The ingredients with which this well-known dessert is made are of a great energy contribution: Eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese and coffee. With which if we delight ourselves with a dessert like tiramisu we are full of energy. Or also taking a break in the diet …

Tiramisu recipe vegetarian

One of the stories that comes from the tiramisu recipe is that it was created at the end of the 16th century, in homage to the Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III de Medici, upon arriving in Siena, he ordered the court confectioners to prepare a special dessert, with very noble ingredients, chocolate, mascarpone cheese and coffee, giving rise to this dessert. Since then this dessert has enjoyed a fame without equal in Italian gastronomy .

Tiramisu recipe giada

Tiramisu was also considered in the Renaissance as an aphrodisiac dessert, since lovers prepared them to delight and recharge their batteries with this delicious sweet thus continuing a long night of infinite love.

Tiramisu recipe without eggs

Since then, countless Tiramisu recipes have been made, versioning the original recipe. This Italian dessert is a very famous dessert in Italian society, crossing borders in the rest of the world. I don’t roll over and go with the recipe for this arch-famous dessert that we are going to enjoy repeatedly because it is mega special.

Tiramisu recipe olive garden

With a very easy and super fast production process we will have a sublime tiramisu, I leave you the recipe. I hope you do a lot and enjoy it, because it’s great! Great!

Ingredients for the tiramisu recipe

    2 egg whites

    4 yolks

    100 gr. of sugar

    400 gr. mascarpone cheese

    200 gr. of sponge cakes

    175 ml. coffee

    200 gr. dark chocolate

    Cocoa powder for dusting or grated chocolate

Tiramisu recipe no egg

Preparation of homemade tiramisu

1 . We will prepare a coffee maker with the coffee that we like the most. If we do not have a coffee machine because lately we only use coffee machines with capsules of infinite flavors, we can use this type of capsule coffee. About 250 ml of the coffee will be enough. We will let cool and reserve until use.

Tiramisu recipe without alcohol

2 . In a bowl we will mount the whites to the point of snow. You can do it by hand or if you prefer you can use an electric mixer, we will put it aside until its use.

I’ve always done it by hand with a balloon whisk but lately I’ve gotten a bit gentrified and I’m lazy so now I use a whisk similar to the one you see below.

Tiramisu recipe eggless

3 . In another bowl we will beat the yolks with the sugar until we get a foamy mixture with the two ingredients. Add the mascarpone cheese little by little and continue beating. We will add the whites mounted to the point of snow and we will mix all the ingredients well. This will be our mascarpone cream for the tiramisu .

Tiramisu recipe simple

4 . In a rectangular mold (we normally use a rectangular mold to make the tiramisu, we can use it in another type) we will mount the layers with the soletilla sponge cake and soak them well with the coffee that we have prepared. Then we put a little brandy, amaretto or a liqueur that we like.

5 . We will cover the layer of sponge cakes with the mascarpone cream that we made in step 3. Sprinkle with grated dark chocolate or cocoa powder as you like.

Tiramisu recipe healthy

6 . We will reassemble another layer of soletilla sponge cakes, we will bathe with coffee and brandy, we will again pour the mascarpone cream cheese over the entire surface of the mold that we have and finish the layer by sprinkling with the cocoa powder all over the surface of the tiramisu .

Tiramisu recipe italian chef

7 . We can repeat the action of step 6, if our mold is very tall. Let it rest in the fridge for at least three hours. I recommend leaving the tiramisu in the refrigerator overnight since the cream acquires more consistency and is much more stable and curdled.

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