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Tiramisu sponge cake

7 December, 2021

Tiramisu sponge cake

Tiramisu sponge cake, This variant that we propose to prepare is a recipe that will surely surprise you if you decide to prepare it. With it, an interesting is prepared orange tiramisu , which combines the traditional dessert and its texture with the flavor of orange, forming a delicious mixture.

Orange Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu sponge cake
Tiramisu sponge cake

This is a recipe to make a delicious orange tiramisu , a variant of the classic tiramisu that is worth trying, especially for those who like orange. Here we show you the recipe step by step.

Orange Tiramisu Ingredients:

– A packet of sponge cakes

– 600 grams of mascarpone

– 100 grams of sugar

– Two large eggs

– Cocoa powder

– Orange juice

Orange Tiramisu

Preparation of Orange Tiramisu:

We start the preparation of this recipe by orange tiramisu separating the egg whites from the yolks, for which we always like to wash the eggs first, to prevent the inside of the egg from coming into contact with the shell, for hygiene reasons and to avoid any infection that could occur when it is dirty. We separate them by pouring them into different containers, since we are going to work them separately.

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Once we have finished making the separation, we are going to add the sugar in the container with the yolks and we will beat both ingredients with some rods, either manual or placed in a blender, so that they mix well and we have a whitish mixture. Then we add the mascarpone and beat well again until it is perfectly integrated with the other ingredients.

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We have to mount the whites to the point of snow, which is more easily achieved by adding a pinch of salt to them and beating with a few rods energetically, until the whites are taking the necessary consistency. You have to beat with patience because it is a process that takes time, and the egg whites must be well assembled. If you have a whisk to mount them, you can do it more easily. When they are fully assembled, pour the whites over the yolk mixture, and gently mix them to form a homogeneous cream.

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We then go on to assemble the tiramisu , which we will do in a deep rectangular or square container, to facilitate the placement of the cakes. We place them in an orderly way and covering the entire base of the container, without leaving gaps. Then we are going to moisten them with orange juice, better if it is freshly squeezed, in that case we strain it so that the pulp does not fall, or that it is bought. The cakes should be well moistened, but not too soggy.

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On the first layer of biscuits we add half of the cream that we have prepared, and distribute it well to cover them. And then we repeat with another layer of biscuits, this time more soaked in orange juice, and on top of them we add the rest of the cream, which we distribute again as best as possible. We finish with a little cocoa powder sprinkled on top, to give it a touch of flavor and decoration. We put the dish in the refrigerator for at least 12-14 hours, so that the orange tiramisu sets well, and we can enjoy it with its proper texture.

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