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Tiramisu with kahlua

7 December, 2021

Tiramisu with kahlua

Tiramisu with Gelatin”

Tiramisu with GelatinWe are now going with one of the most original recipe of all that we collect on the web. It is a recipe with which to prepare a at home tiramisu with gelatin , a variant of the classic recipe that you are sure to like, the result is well worth it.

Tiramisu Recipe with Gelatin

Tiramisu with kahlua
Tiramisu with kahlua

Now we are going to teach you how to prepare a tiramisu different from the usual one, very rich and original without a doubt, and this tiramisu with jelly is a delicious dessert with which you will surprise your guests.

Tiramisu with Gelatin Ingredients:

– Soletilla biscuits

– 500 grams of mascarpone

– 450 grams of sugar

– 375 ml of heavy cream or cream

– An envelope of neutral gelatin

– 6 egg yolks

– Cocoa powder

– A couple of tablespoons of instant coffee

– A splash of brandy or any other liquor


Tiramisu with Gelatin


Preparation of Tiramisu with Gelatin:

We will start this time by preparing the mascarpone cream for our tiramisu with gelatin . To prepare it, we are going to assemble the milk cream in a container, using a few rods to assemble it quickly and properly, and on the other hand we are going to beat 200 grams of sugar with the egg yolks in another separate container.

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We dilute the gelatin sachet in warm water, following the manufacturer’s instructions, since you can change from one to another. You can use gelatin in sheets instead, but always prepare it as indicated on the box.

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To finish we are going to add the diluted gelatin and the mascarpone to the yolks previously beaten together with the sugar, after which we will beat well so that the ingredients are completely mixed. To finish we pour the milk cream over the resulting cream and beat gently so that they integrate well without the milk cream losing its consistency. This will be the cream with which we will fill the tiramisu .

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Next we will prepare a coffee syrup, for which we will put 250 grams of sugar in a saucepan with a glass of water, and heat over medium heat until it boils without stopping stirring. Once it reaches its boiling point, we turn off the heat and remove the saucepan, add the soluble coffee and a splash of liquor to taste, and stir until the syrup thickens a little, and set it aside for later use. Now we are going to start assembling the tiramisu with gelatin , for which we will use a source or glass mold that is deep and wide, better if it is rectangular, and we fill the base of it with sponge cakes, covering it well without leaving any gaps.

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We soak these cakes with the syrup that we had prepared, so that they get wet well but without breaking, so that the base of the tiramisu has consistency. Then we add half of the cream for the filling and spread it well. On it we put another layer of biscuits, which this time we soak well, so that they are very soft. And on them we pour the rest of the leftover cream, well spread.

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To top it off, we sprinkle cocoa powder covering the entire last layer of cream, and let it rest in the fridge until the next day, so that it is well set and cold when it is time to eat it. We hope you like this jelly tiramisu delicious

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