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Weight loss diet plan free

22 October, 2021

Weight loss diet plan free

6 – Start your meals with a soup or a salad

Weight loss diet plan free, In order to control your appetite, always try to have a bowl of soup or a vegetable salad (with a little dressing) at the beginning of the meal. The feeling of satiety will thus reach your brain by the time you get to the main course (and dessert!)

Weight loss diet plan free

And you will be less inclined to go for pasta or rice! When this is not possible, for example, if you are at someone’s house who has only cooked a main course, or if you are short on time, you will achieve the same result by slowly drinking a large glass of water. just before the meal.

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7 – eat slowly

If you are hungry and eat fast, there is a good chance that you are consuming more food than you really need. Take the time to savor and chew each bite, and you’ll quickly find that you don’t even have to finish your plate to be full.

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8 – review your portions

The portions we are offered in restaurants are often 3 to 4 times larger than those recommended by Canada’s Food Guide . To really know how much of each food you should eat, download your copy of the Guide and hang it on your fridge. Very quickly, you will know the recommended servings and will no longer even need to consult the document.

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9 – Never be hungry!

It is when we subject our body to deprivations that we have the most tendency to throw ourselves on foods lacking in nutrients and yet too rich …

It is essential to eat three meals a day (do not skip breakfast!) And also to plan a few healthy snacks for energy drops: fresh or dried fruits, cut vegetables, yogurts, nuts, etc.

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10 – practice regular physical activity

You already know … Sport is an integral part of effective fitness. If it is not possible for you to go to a regular gym, at the very least try to adopt a more active lifestyle: walk more, get off public transport one stop before yours, take the stairs at place the elevator, go play outside with the kids, garden, take weekend bike rides, dance, etc. There are many ways to be active while having fun.

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Finally, remember that the only person capable of making these changes is yourself! As you can see, the above tips won’t turn your day-to-day boot camp, but they just might help you finally lose those few pounds that are bothering you without even realizing it. It would be a shame not to try. What have you got to lose, if not your love handles?

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