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Weight loss diet plan pdf download

22 October, 2021

Weight loss diet plan pdf download

Weight loss diet plan pdf download, Is it better to lose weight fast or slow for your health? For the first time, a study clinically compares the benefits of how quickly pounds are lost.

Weight loss diet plan pdf download

Weight loss diet plan pdf download
Weight loss diet plan pdf download

There are different points of view regarding the health effects of the speed with which the pounds are lost. Many practitioners rather aim for progressive weight loss, on the order of 1/2 kg per week, in an attempt to minimize the feeling of deprivation and the risk of kidney stones.

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Others, on the contrary, or depending on the situation, prefer to mark the occasion and cause rapid weight loss, claiming greater metabolic benefits. Who is right? Nobody or everyone, according to the results of this Canadian study, published in the Journal of Obesity …

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The study involves 11,283 patients who participated in a clinical weight management program for an average of 12.7 months. The objective of this research was to determine whether the metabolic changes associated with weight loss were dependent on the speed of weight loss .

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To do this, they categorized people into three groups based on how quickly they lost weight in the first 3-6 months:

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A first reading of the results indicates that the patients of the “fast” group benefit from a greater improvement in their blood pressure and waist circumference than those of the other two groups.

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However, when the authors adjust the data for absolute weight loss, there is no longer any difference in the different metabolic indicators. Which logically leads the authors to conclude that it is not the speed with which the pounds are lost that determines the metabolic improvements, but the amount of weight lost .

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