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What is the Keto Diet and how does it work

11 febrero, 2021

The keto diet has become very popular in recent years, it was in 2018 that it became fashionable and many people began to be interested in this diet, which promises to lose weight in a very easy way by changing our eating habits but also changing our style of life.

The keto diet and also other types of similar diets, such as ketogens, has its scientific basis where after several years of scientific studies it was concluded that there are certain foods that make us fat, and that some groups should be consumed of meals which help burn fat and calories, as is the case with carbohydrates, especially cereals.

What is the Keto Diet and how does it work

What is the Keto Diet and how does it work
What is the Keto Diet and how does it work

The keto diet is basically based on reducing all carbohydrates, and consuming only fat and protein. This combination of foods is widely used in sports, which makes building muscle mass and losing fat and losing weight easily.

So far we have told you about the popularity of the keto diet and its scientific basis, but what the keto diet really is and what exactly does it consist of, how much weight can I lose with this keto diet or with the ketogenic diet, keep reading that you we will explain all that below.

If you want to know more about the free keto diet, advice tips and what are the benefits it offers you, stay reading, we will explain every detail, so you can do this keto diet and lose weight in a healthy way.

What is the keto diet and how does it work?

Keto diet

keto diet
keto diet

Surely you are thinking that the keto diet is one of those famous express miracle diet or you want to find a file with the keto diet pdf, we tell you that it is not necessary to follow a strict diet but the basis of this system to lose weight seeks to eliminate certain foods and incorporate those that help us lose weight and increase our metabolism.

What to eat on the Keto diet?

If you are wondering what to eat on the keto diet, we will tell you that the foods should be mostly natural, you should not consume industrial or ultra-processed food.

Some of the allowed foods are fish, lean red meat, almond milk or any type of organic milk, fresh cheese, dried fruits such as walnuts.

You can also add seeds and olives to your diet.

You should avoid some vegetables and fruits such as those that are rich in sugar, such as bananas, or tubers that contain a high amount of carbohydrates.

Refined sugars and flours are totally prohibited.

What is the Keto Diet, what does it consist of?

If you are still wondering what the keto diet is, we tell you that it has a scientific basis and has been studied for several years.

It is not an express diet to lose weight in a few days. But to change our eating habits.

Change foods rich in flour or processed, for fresh food, low in calories, rich in healthy fats and oils. For this reason it is recommended to eat blue fish that are the most nutritious and rich in Omega 3.

It should be remembered that this diet cannot be done by just anyone and can be done for life, but can be done in medium periods of time.

What not to eat on the Keto diet?

It is important to know not to eat on the Keto diet, although most diets include very generous servings of fruits and vegetables, on the Keto diet the opposite is true.


It may be one of the few weight loss diets that doesn’t include fruit. Surely you are wondering why? . Doctors suggest consuming 4 to 6 servings per day and because they are also rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

However, it also contains high amounts of fructose and sugar, for this reason fruits are prohibited on the Keto diet to lose weight.

What to eat for breakfast on the Keto diet?

The keto diet breakfast is quite special, then we are going to tell you what to eat on the keto diet.

Many times you imagine a diet with the classic morning coffee, baked goods, fruit, juices, however the keto diet breakfast is a bit special and you will never have imagined what are the foods you can eat on the keto diet.

Keto diet

A keto breakfast consists of the following foods lettuce. You can consume some turkey meat that is low in fat accompanied by some lettuce leaves. Another alternative is eggplant with egg, eggs with ham, lettuce salad.

The important thing is that you do not include flour or sugar in your breakfast.

What fruits can be eaten on the Keto diet?

Fruits that can be eaten on the keto diet are very restricted, you should avoid those that contain large amounts of sugar such as bananas, figs, etc. And the only fruits that can be consumed are the following; blueberries, raspberries avocado, lime, blackberries.

What happens if I stop the Keto diet?

When you stop the keto diet and start consuming other types of foods, for example those that were prohibited such as flours and sugars, your body may gain weight considerably.

The change that occurs is very drastic, and after restricting food that produced energy such as flour and sugar, the body begins to accumulate them in the form of fat.

In conclusion, you can gain weight very drastically, what we recommend is that you incorporate some foods step by step so as not to change your body so quickly.