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What to eat for keto breakfast

7 October, 2021

What to eat for keto breakfast

What to eat for keto breakfast, There are certain exceptional circumstances in which, as I mentioned in the previous chapter, side effects such as ketoacidosis occur in the event that the ketone bodies generated in our body increase in such a way that they fill our blood with them. This effect can wreak havoc on our organs and also in rare cases can induce us to the dangerous plant state. When you want to undergo this type of diet, it is essential that you feel in good physical condition and in decent health in which you avoid any type of condition such as flu or fever. There are cases in which diseases of the kidney or liver system can be seriously affected by the keto diet.

What to eat for keto breakfast
What to eat for keto breakfast

Other possible side effects

What to eat for keto breakfast

You will feel a little uncomfortable

Because your body needs to get used to using ketones instead of insulin, the first few weeks can be a bit difficult. This is also because your glucose levels are stabilizing, especially if you are a diabetic with poor glycemic control. For this reason, it is important that you maintain close communication with your doctor and nutritionist to answer any questions.

You will suffer from tummy ache with constipation

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