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White hot chocolate mix bulk barn

30 octubre, 2021

White hot chocolate mix bulk barn

White hot chocolate mix bulk barn , Ingredients:

150 gr of dark chocolate with 70% cocoa

2 cups whole milk

50 gr milk powder

4 gr cornstarch

White hot chocolate mix bulk barn

Today we are going to prepare the best homemade hot chocolate you have ever tasted, and yes you can do it at home in just 8 minutes.

This sweet is ideal for cold days, who does not like to have a warm chocolate watching the snow fall?

In any case, it can also be taken during times of the year that it is not cold, we just have to wait for it to cool down if we do not feel like taking it hot.

White hot chocolate mix bulk barn
White hot chocolate mix bulk barn

We recommend that you do it to accompany the churros and the batons since they complement each other. Take the opportunity to prepare it since getting this incredible thick chocolate has never been so easy.

chocolate my cafe recipe

Below we explain in 4 steps how to prepare hot chocolate:

How to make hot chocolate:

The first thing we must do is prepare all the ingredients to have them at hand since you have to be practically all the time stirring our delicious chocolate.

As soon as we have everything at our fingertips, we take a saucepan and pour the milk. When we observe that it is about to break to boil we lower the heat by half, and without stopping stirring we gradually pour the chocolate until it has melted completely..

hot chocolate recipe

Next, add the powdered milk and cornstarch,and continue stirring until we observe that everything has dissolved correctly and there is no lump left. To make it easier for us to dissolve we will use hand rods.

We must continue moving our chocolate until we see that it acquires a soft and thick texture.

We have already prepared a wonderful thick chocolate,ideal for wetting our churros and batons.

Tip: If you’re going outside on cold days, take your hot chocolate in a plastic cup and hold it with your hands to keep them warm while you’re on your tour.

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