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Yogurt sponge cake: the fluffiest basic classic to get started in baking

7 January, 2024
banana pancake recipe (2)

Yogurt sponge cake: the fluffiest basic classic to get started in baking

To brighten up our breakfasts and snacks, we want to teach you how to prepare the yogurt cake, a basic classic to get started in baking that always turns out well and that does not require – like other recipes for sweets and cakes – exact measurements and precise weights of the ingredients, since everything is made from the size of a yogurt container. Much easier than another simple one, the yeast-free cake.

banana pancake recipe (2)
banana pancake recipe (2)

Yogurt sponge cake with oil

Remembering the proportions is very simple because oil, sugar and flour – ordered alphabetically – have the proportion of 1, 2 and 3, that is, one measure of oil, two measures of sugar and three measures of flour. With those simple ingredients, a natural or lemon yogurt, a little yeast or starter and three eggs, we have everything we need to make a cake that always turns out well.

This cake in itself is already a delicious sweet ideal for breakfasts and snacks, but it can also serve as a base for other recipes, such as strawberry cakes, cream-filled cakes or to make a chocolate cake, simply adding half a measure of yogurt cocoa powder to the ingredients of this yogurt cake.


For 6 people

     Natural yogurt (can also be lemon-flavored yogurt) 1

     Sunflower oil the measure of yogurt

     Sugar twice the measure of yogurt

     Pastry flour three times the measurement of yogurt

     Eggs 3

     Half sachet chemical yeast (Royal type or similar)

     Optional lemon zest

     butter to spread the mold

Simple yogurt sponge cake

How to make an easy and fluffy yogurt cake

Difficulty: Easy

     Total time 40 m

     Preparation 5 m

     Cooking 35 m

Nothing is easier than this yogurt cake recipe, as long as you remember measurements 1, 2, and 3, applied to the ingredients arranged alphabetically. In a bowl we put the contents of a small glass of yogurt – I prefer it natural but you can also do it with lemon-flavored yogurt – and we add three eggs, a measure of sunflower oil and two measures of sugar. We beat well.

Easy yogurt sponge cake

On the other hand, we mix the flour -3 measures of the yogurt glass- with the yeast and stir so that it is distributed evenly. Using the whisk, we gradually add the flour to the bowl with the rest of the ingredients, allowing a dough to form while we beat and add the flour as it is incorporated. If you want your cake to have more citrus flavor, you can add the zest of a lemon.

Best yogurt sponge cake

Meanwhile, we will have preheated the oven to 180ºC for about ten minutes and we will have greased a cake mold with butter. All that remains is to pour the dough into our mold and let it bake without opening the oven door for 35 minutes. It is important not to open it so that the temperature inside the oven does not drop and our cake does not fall.

Fluffy yogurt cake

After 30 minutes we can quickly open it and check the cooking point by inserting a wooden skewer into the dough to check if it comes out clean or dirty. In the first case, our cake will be ready. If it comes out dirty, wait another five minutes and then turn off the oven.

4 ingredient yogurt cake

This yogurt cake is delicious without the need for anything else, although it is also very delicious if we accompany it with a homemade jam or if we open it in half and fill it with pastry cream or whipped cream. To have with the yogurt cake, a glass of cold milk, a coffee with milk or an iced tea or any infusion of your taste goes very well.

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