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Brioche sourdough

21 November, 2021

Brioche sourdough

Brioche sourdough  , The brioche is a typical product of French pastries ideal accompaniment to savory fillings, and noted for its fluffiness, lightness and tenderness, but not for being a very sweet product.

If you want to prepare yours, these are the ingredients you need and the steps to get it.

French brioche

Brioche sourdough
Brioche sourdough

Brioche is one of the most recognized sweets in French pastries. It is light, fluffy and tasty, with a characteristic golden color in the crust and a juicy crumb that leaves the sweet taste of butter in the mouth. In many ways, French brioche is ideal to accompany savory fillings. If you want to prepare your own dough for brioches, these are the ingredients you need for a small / medium size.

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Preparation time             50 minutos

Cooking time     30 minutes

Resting time      40 minutos


medium brioche

Brioche sourdough
Brioche sourdough

Ingredients to cook Brioche sourdough

    450 grams Strong flour 350W

    130 ml Agua

    10 gramos Sal

    70 grams of sugar

    4 Eggs

    200 grams Butter

    125 grams Pulse Politec Recommendation for use Pulse Politec

    80 grams Livendo dough of durum wheat powder Recommended use Livendo Harmony

    8 grams yeast

French brioche recipe

Instructions to cook Brioche sourdough

    Mix all the ingredients, except for a part of the sugar, butter and flour. We beat a few seconds and introduce the sugar and flour. The goal is to achieve a sticky dough, no hard balls that cannot be kneaded or that are too brittle.

    Kneading, when the dough begins to acquire body, the rest of the sugar is integrated. We continue kneading until all the ingredients are fully incorporated and it is no longer sticky. Butter is added at room temperature and we continue kneading and squeezing.

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    The kneading process requires time and patience due to the nature of the dough. Remove the dough from the brioche and let it temper for about 40 minutes, until it is no longer cold. The versatility of the dough of this sweet allows it to make different shapes and sizes (from a hogada to the classic petit brioche à tête)

Brioche sourdough
Brioche sourdough

    . Once it is smooth and soft, lightly sprinkle with flour and make a ball. Cover with plastic wrap and leave the dough to rise in a cool and dry place. Leave it for at least 3 hours to ferment and then proceed to store it in a cold place. The dough will grow and swell, tripling its initial volume.

Brioche soundough perfect loaf Brioche soundough bread recipe

    Brush with beaten egg and a pinch of baking salt. Here it depends on the size of the pieces, but generally preheat the oven to 200º until golden brown and then lower to 170º so that it is done inside. If the brioches are small-medium in size, leave for about 20 minutes.

    Let cool for 15 minutes so that the whole bun is finally integrated. It can be kept up to 5 days if it is kept in a dry place without sunlight.

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